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Some of our Clients & Members

London college of Fashion
The Design Museum
National Arts Centre
Miller Advertising
PACE Gallery
New York Academy of Art
Dolby Chadwick Gallery
The National Gallery
Cranbrook Academy of Art
Karen Karp and Partners
American Dance Institute
Claire Oliver Gallery
Canvas Art Studio & Gallery
Mahlstedt Gallery
The Kresge Foundation
Maidstone Museum and Bentlif Art Gallery

Institute of Contemporary Arts
National Portrait Gallery
The New Artist Fair
Newcomb Art Museum
Crossroads Fair
Alfred University
Southwestern University
Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre
The Untitled Space
Fox Theatre
Outsider Art Fair
McKay Lodge Conservation Laboratory
Edward Hopper House Art Center
Locks Gallery
Glyndebourne Productions
CMay Gallery
Crescent City Auction Gallery
Twenty First Gallery
Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art

Stanford University
​Duke University
Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art
New York Center for Photographic Art
Lincoln Center For The Performing Arts

Flint PR
Creative Coverage
Arts Council of Fort Worth
The Brick Lane Gallery
The 22 Magazine
Boston Center for the Arts
Santa Barbara Museum of Art
Contemporary Arts Center, LA
San Francisco State University
New York Center for Photofraphic Art
Midas Public Relations
Bristol Museum & Art Gallery


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